About Us

Our Motto: Be good to your friends, don’t cheat on your rolls, and be awesome.

We love how playing Dungeons and Dragons brings people together and unleashes the crazy, the fun, the immature, and the dead serious in all of us. We hope to add something to the community and we thought dice would be a great way to start! Mystic Dice started in 2018 and is operated out of our basement in Utah. Our 11-piece dice sets were made with DnD players in mind and we hope you enjoy them!

We first started playing RPGs on Halloween of 2014. We have been playing with our current campaign, in our group affectionately called “The Emerald Wing”, nearly every Thursday night for over a year. Kris is a half-drow shadow monk warlock and Heidi is a human rogue arcane trickster. We are so grateful to our friends for introducing DnD to us and letting us share in the adventure!

The two of us met swing dancing (lindy hop!) at Brigham Young University Idaho. We have been married 5 years and now live in Utah with our 3 small children. Heidi is a web developer and Kris is an expert in Middle Eastern culture.

Hoping your imagination takes you on the greatest of adventures!

- Kris & Heidi